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Susi Air Virtual is wanting to offer something different for virtual pilots. Based on real-world Susi Air routes, we can offer virtual pilots some challenging flights in turbo-prop aircraft to keep your skills sharp. With the landscape and weather challenges that Indonesia offers, Susi Air Virtual flights dont give you time to set the auto-pilot and make a coffee. You fly the plane.

Topher Webb, Susi Air Virtual

Susi Air Virtual is not endorsed by Susi Air (PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation)

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SAV49 Senly Polii 21-03-2019 23-03-2019 WILP WILL PK-BVA
SAV48 Senly Polii 21-03-2019 23-03-2019 WIPP WILP PK-BVA
SAV47 Senly Polii 21-03-2019 23-03-2019 WIGG WIPP PK-BVA
SAV46 Senly Polii 21-03-2019 23-03-2019 WIPU WIGG PK-BVA

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SAV41Senly PoliiMinangkabau InternationalMuko MukoC208B00.45-128 ft/mPending
SAV32Senly PoliiPulau Tello/LasondreMinangkabau InternationalC208B00.48-161 ft/mAccepted
SAV30Senly PoliiSibolga/Pinang SoriPulau Tello/LasondreC208B00.40-138 ft/mAccepted
SCC343Muhammad Habib HidayatDomine Eduard OsokFrans Kaisiepo InternationalC208B01.40-139 ft/mAccepted
SCC343Muhammad Habib HidayatWamenaSentani InternationalC208B00.57-157 ft/mAccepted
SAV145Barry MandalaNabireFrans Kaisiepo InternationalDORNIER 22800.50-110 ft/mAccepted
SAV29ASenly PoliiBinakaSibolga/Pinang SoriC208B00.34-189 ft/mAccepted
SAV26Senly PoliiSilangitBinakaC208B00.43-84 ft/mAccepted
SAV25Senly PoliiKualanamu InternationalSilangitC208B00.32-41 ft/mAccepted
SAV1021Rizal RivaiSultan Iskandar Muda InternationalMuko MukoPIAGGIO AVAN00.52-243 ft/mAccepted